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Good day, I believe now you want Handsaws merchandise, so that you are in suitable blog site. Now that you are examining SUPERHARD Saw Extra blade S-45006-270 post. As well as I really hope you will find worthwhile details throughout below prior to deciding to purchase Handsaws item. At this time I want to select SUPERHARD Saw Extra blade S-45006-270. Small details this SUPERHARD Saw Extra blade S-45006-270 merchandise is done by means of Gyokucho Industry corporation.

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Extra blade fits Super Hard Razor saw 06-270 series. Great for cutting general wood, laminated lumber, plywood panel, frames and squared lumber. Back metal is short and that makes it easy and quick to cut off a big chunk of wood. The adhesion machined laminated lumber can be cut without a problem as well. Suitable for construction and woodworking. [Material] Blade: SK material. Gyokucho is the premier Japanese manufacturer of high quality saws with a reputation for reliability and good performance at a modest price. We use a method called impulse hardening to increase the durability of the tooth tips. The cutting edge is heated for 0.003 to 0.005 seconds by applying an electrical current at super high-frequency of 27.12Mhz, instantly hardening the surface of the steel while maintaining the flexibility inside. As a result, the sawfs wear resistance increases. The surface hardness of the blade is approximately from Hv 900 to 1200. The hardened saw tooth is much harder than sharpening files so the blade cannot be sharpened and needs to be replaced once it is dull. All products have a name, blade thickness, the blade length, and even the extra blade part number marked on themselves. The marking is done by a laser irradiation method and won’t wear off. So even when you lose the package, you can easily identify the products by checking its laser marking. Electro less nickel plating prevents the blade from rusting, and there is no need to worry cutting materials getting dirty with the rust. Also tree tar is hard to stick to the blade, and even if it does, you can wash it off with water. Suitable for use in coastal areas and even for store exhibition because of its rust-free features.

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